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In India the tribal people are the most backward community in every aspect of life. Almost all the Govt. development & Welfare program were basically meant for the rural Tribal people. The Corporate Houses & NGOs are also involved in the welfare and development process. But we find that the areas are developing but the tribes are left out still now, they have become the "Marketable Goods" like. Poverty and Socio-Cultural & Educational backwardness, and after all the simplicity, culture of silence, etc. of the tribal have been exploited shamelessly for decades by the Land Lords, Traders, Politicians, Vested interest peoples, corrupted Govt. officials and even by the big " Social Work Organizations." Tribes as well as the whole rural Communities have become the worst victims of the complex Socio-Economic & Political situation of India.

For quite a long time tribal human resources have been abused by different political, Non-Political and by the Socio-Religious Groups, and the Tribal Social Leaders, educated youths, Elites and intelligentsia have become confused and rudderless !

Keeping in mind all those, the "ASWASAN" was officially formed in the year 2003 by the trained tribal Social Work Professionals (MSWs) and Socio-Educational & Cultural Activists under the Leadership of Mr. Panchanan Kisku (MSW Spl. in MPSW, TISS ) to work genuinely and in better manners in the fields of empowerment of the tribal Women Folk and thereby of the whole tribal Society at large in India through implementation of the Welfare(Education, Health, Socio-Cultural, Capacity building Training, etc.) and Development (Agriculture, Occupational diversification, SHGs & Cooperative formation, etc.) programs following Social Work Philosophy, Methods and Strategies.

Main Thrust Areas

Tribal Girls & Boys' Residential basic Education School - Running, Community Organization, Women Capacity building Training & income generation, Up gradation of Basic Health, Housewives' Functional literacy & Non-Formal Education for Wage Labourers, Adibasi Aged persons welfare, Strengthening tribal CBOs, VOs & NGOs Net- Work, Sustainable Agriculture, Occupational diversification, Social Research, Tribal Art and Socio-Cultural & Literary flourishment.

Our Speciality

» It was formed and being run basically by the Adibasi social work Professionals (MSWs) and experienced tribal Educationists, Cultural, Human Rights Activists.

» It undertakes Issues and need based welfare & developmental, Social Action and Advocacy activities through educating and updating the knowledge base, Up gradation of skills available in Women and Men folk of tribal community to increase in annual family income and to ensure persist peace and prosperity.

» It works for strengthening tribal and other backward rural communities ensuring the active participation and shared experience of the 'Traditional tribal Social Leaders and their Counterparts (Women leaders)' of the Community.